10/8/13 – 2013 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #8 – Stephen King’s IT



Sometimes a film can be flawed, have a few gaps in logic, be a bit uneven, and yet still have one perfect element that elevates the entire thing into something incredible.  Stephen King’s IT is exactly that.  Originally made as a TV miniseries, it has many of the pitfalls of a TV miniseries (and one made in 1990 at that.)  Yes, you can point to some of the acting as being less than par, some of the effects being a bit “cheap”, and don’t even get me started on the ending.  Hmm, come to think of it, it sounds like most of my favorite horror movies from the 70’s and 80’s.  BUT…  You can overlook all of this because of the majesty of Tim Curry’s Pennywise the clown.  Yep, a clown.  I know what you’re thinking.  Jeff picked an evil clown movie.  Shocker.  But this may be the king of evil clowns. Pennywise is an absolute perfect creation.  It there anything more haunting than a demon that takes the form of a child-killing clown who lives in the sewers?  And not only that, but he feeds on childrens’ fears, and then the children themselves!  Man, I still think about the first time I watched this film and seeing Pennywise talk to a child in his calm/happy voice from the sewer grate.  As he talked, his smile slowly turned to an evil scowl.  “Oh yes, they float.  And when you’re down here with me, you’ll float too!!”  *shivers*  Only Tim Curry could have pulled this role off.  Already one of my all time favorite actors, think about all his iconic roles.  He was Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wadsworth from Clue (one of my absolute favorites), and even Darkness from Legend.  Throw in Pennywise, and you’ve got a holy grail of genre icons.  The story basically revolves around a group of misfit kids (aren’t they always misfits?) who must come together and face the same demon as adults that they had to as kids.  Based on Stephen King’s large book, a lot of stuff is missing in translation, and some of the book was simply unfilmable.  Just forget the entire stupid “spider” ending because it really does leave a bad taste in your mouth.  But oh man, Pennywise.  Pennywise makes this movie.  Focus on him and enjoy a true horror icon for years to come.


3 thoughts on “10/8/13 – 2013 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #8 – Stephen King’s IT

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