The Others

I almost hate to include this movie because it gave my (just budding) horror writing career such a horrible ride for a few years.  After this movie came out, the ONLY scripts anyone wanted to see around town was, “elevated horror, like The Others.”  And of course, my horror writing back then was in no way “elevated.”  I would describe it as more “guttural.”  But I digress…  Regardless how it affected me personally, I really can’t complain about this film.  It’s truly a fantastic piece of work.  People in the industry liked to call it “elevated,” but I like to call it “classy.”  Everything about this movie is classy.  And by classy, I also mean classic.  It’s classic horror.  Creeks.  Noises.  Footsteps.  Ghosts.  Unsettling mysteries.  Gothic images.  A spooky haunted house.  It’s all there.  I mean, as soon as I hear that Nicole Kidman is the mother to two children who are allergic to the sunlight, I’m so in.  Then as the movie continues, and the mysteries start to build, I’m in even further.  That’s what this movie does, it draaaaaws you in, slowly.  Until BAM, the oft-talked-about ending punches you in the face.  And even though it’s probably already been spoiled for most of you by now, it’s still just wonderful.  The thing I liked most about this movie is the atmosphere.  The fact that darkness must be utilized because of the childrens’ condition is perfect.  The large mansion as the setting; the time period of the mid-1940’s; everything adds to the perfect atmosphere for a horror film.  It’s slow-paced, chill, and basically a classic mystery with a terrific ending.  Plus, it’s a film that almost anyone can watch and enjoy, even the scaredy cats.  So to all you scaredy cats who are afraid of most horror movies, if you haven’t seen The Others, what are you waiting for?  And to the five people left who haven’t heard about the ending yet, you’re in for a treat.


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