10/2/13 – 2013 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #2 – Friday the 13th: Part 2


Some of you may be surprised that I’ve never put a single Friday the 13th movie on these lists until now.  And now that I have, why did I skip right over the first entry, and go right with Part 2?  Well, let me put it into perspective.  The Friday the 13th series to me is like a world unto itself.  Each entry is so much different than the previous, always having a new twist or gimmick to set it apart.  Plus, with so many of the films out there, I feel like I could write a dissertation on this series alone.  It’s been such a large subject for me to tackle, that I’ve just stayed away from choosing any at all.  It’s kind of strange hallowed ground for me.  Not that they’re fantastic movies, mind you.  No, in fact, some of them are downright dreadful.  But regardless their quality, I ALWAYS enjoy them.  There’s a certain playfulness to the films, as strange as that may sound.  But now that I’ve decided to break my Friday the 13th “seal”, I might as well start with one of my favorites.  Part 2 is a downright fantastic sequel.  More counselors.  More victims.  More gore.  Even folks in wheelchairs aren’t safe here (although, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre started that one.)  Plus, this is the first film where JASON is the killer (spoiler alert, ha right.)  And it’s my favorite version of Jason too — Baghead Jason!  Nope, no hockey mask here.  That doesn’t come in until Part 3.  Lastly, I should note that it just happens to be directed by one of my idols, as well as my partner on my upcoming TV show, Steve Miner.  The guy knows how to do suspense right. Enjoy it.

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