10/1/13 – 2013 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #1 – The Conjuring


Here we go again!  I can’t believe this is my 4th year of these October horror movie recommendations.  If anyone is new to this and want to see the past years’ lists of these Halloween recommendations, go ahead and click the links above.  They’re all right up there.  See ’em?  Go ahead and click.  Don’t be afraid.  We’ll wait…

Okay, now on to 2013.

Well, like last year, I want to come out of the gate on the first day with something recent.  Sometimes people are afraid of jumping right into and checking out the classics (wrong!)  So if you’re leaning toward seeing something modern, here’s a perfect one for that.  Mainly because it’s a little bit of both – modern and classic.  When I hear someone say that the glory days of old school horror is over, I find another movie to prove them wrong.  This year it’s The Conjuring.  This is as much of an old school, classic scarefest, as you can get.  Point plank, James Wan understands classic horror.  He understands suspense.  He understands how to hold a scene so that the audience creeps forward in anticipation, and them BAM, throws a perfect jump scare at the perfect moment.  It’s a fine balance that is usually loaded a little too much on one side or the other.  But with the Conjuring, the balance is pitch perfect.  Amazing acting.  Fantastic “inspired by a true story” premise.  Spectacular usage of the time period (it’s the 70’s so no cell phones!)  Suspense and scares in spades.  And some twists and turns that you won’t see coming.  Really just a fantastic movie all around.  It’s still playing in a few 2nd run theaters, or wait until it’s released for home viewing later this month.  Regardless, check it out.  There’s a reason why it made so much money at the theaters.  It deserved it.

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