2012 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #9: Chris Brown… Again.



Sometimes on rare occasion a horror is so awful that it actually requires two day of tirades.  Yes, today I’m listing Chris Brown again as one of the truest horrors of 2012.

Continuing my thoughts from yesterday, let me add this…  Anyone who beats his girlfriend, is utterly non-apologetic about it, and then tattoos her beaten face onto his own neck to essentially brag about all the publicity it got him, belongs in a special category of Hell.

Oh, and yes, they’re back together again.  So maybe Rihanna deserves a small spot in here too, simply for her complete stupidity.

Additionally, after I put up my post yesterday, I saw this Onion article that was posted a few days ago.  I had not seen this until after I had already posted mine, but what it shows is that obviously the pure and utter hatred for this guy is definitely in the ether.

I will leave you with this article.  Bless you Onion for nailing it right on the head.

I Honestly Don’t Understand How Anyone Could Support Chris Brown.
By Chris Brown.



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