2012 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #5: Plastic Surgery on the Rise.


I’ve been reading a lot of reports lately about how 2012 is showing the largest rise in plastic surgery than ever before, much of it facial reconstruction. I cannot explain how horrifying this is to me. Screw all this talk about self esteem issues, etc, have you seen these people??? Wait, let me rephrase that. Have THESE PEOPLE seen THESE PEOPLE? This is NOT helping their self-esteem. This is bloodthirsty surgeons preying on these people with low self esteem and turning them into monsters.

I’m honestly terrified of almost all facial reconstructive plastic surgery. Do whatever you want to your body, who cares. But your face? No. Hell, screw horror movies to be scared, just look at some of these victims in real life for sheer terror. They’re going to put Rick Baker right out of business. I know this goes without saying, but we all have different faces for a reason, people. Why would you want to transform yourselves into one weird, windblown, plastic, uniform… thing? Messing around with your face is only going to end with awful results and for some reason the number of people doing it is growing in 2012.

WHY DO PEOPLE CONTINUE TO DO THIS? I thought in 2012 we’d see the past mistakes and learn from them, but the numbers are inconceivably still growing! Well, I’m here to do my part. Hopefully someone, somewhere, thinking about annihilating their face will see some of these photos I’m about to post and thinks twice. Here you go people. You want horror? Here’s some horror. Here are some faces of plastic surgery in 2012.

Enjoy just a teeny tiny taste of what facial plastic surgery has blessed us with.  And I know what you may be thinking, but no, these are not burn victims.  These are all people that willingly, of their own free will, chose to look like this.  In a few cases, it’s just gone awry.

Plastic_Surgery mickey-rourke kenny_rogers Joan_Rivers7 jackie-stallone images gross11uv6 carrot-top-561x250 bad-lip-injections-2 a-plastic-surgery-11 348d288a-cc18-4775-aa6f-2ce8af9978c8images kor2_1111849c

The movie Akira is all that comes to mind.


So please, people. STOP IT.

Hopefully in 2013, the number drops and doesn’t rise.

If not, God help us all.


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