The Horror Advent Calendar is BACK! 2012 Style.



After the usual November break, recovering from Halloween, we’re back.  Yes, that’s right…

The Horror Advent Calendar is BACK.

It’s the final month of 2012 and what better way to end it than by looking back at some of the most horrifying people, events, situations, whatever.  Basically is gives me a place to vent a little bit, release some frustrations with society, and probably tell you way too much about myself.  We had a very fun, and cathartic, time last year.  So let’s do it again shall we?

Anyone needing a refresher on last year’s Horror Advent Calendar, here’s a link to the complete list.

Horror Advent Calendar 2011

From there you can click on each individual day to get the full tirade.  Trust me, most of the things on there are 100% still as horrifying today as they were exactly a year ago.  *shivers*

So without much further adieu, let’s get this baby started.  Day 1 should be up in a few hours.  Enjoy.


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