10/30/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #30 – The Woman in Black.

Woman in Black


Here is a movie that does everything right.  I honestly can’t say a single bad thing about it.  The Woman in Black is, in my opinion, not only one of the best movies to come out this year, but I think it will be recognized as one of the best for years to come.  It is essentially a perfect film remake.  When Hammer decided to resurrect itself in the modern day, they’ve made nothing but fantastic choices.  What’s great is, this movie feels like a Hammer film.  They didn’t cop out.  They know their audience.  Even though it’s modernly made, it has the essence of a moody, gothic horror film of years past.  Gothic is key.  This movie is dark, fully saturated with dreary themes, tones, characters, and visuals.  Even the bluish filters that are used visually add to the package.  It all just… works.  Essentially about a lawyer that must go out to a recently deceased woman’s isolated mansion to settle her affairs, the premise is pretty simple, but definitely effective.  This film became instantly famous because it was Daniel Radcliffe’s first movie out of the gate, post Harry Potter.  And I’ll tell you, it was a perfect choice on both sides.  He’s in pretty much every scene of the film.  And any initial misgivings that we’d simply watch Harry go through the same motions are immediately dispelled within a few minutes.  Radcliffe’s Arthur Kipps character here is much different that his notable Potter role, and we welcome it.  His desperation at getting this one last chance at a job to work for his family, as well as his constant sense of loss for his wife, are felt throughout.  This sympathetic character makes everything else around him in this movie fall perfectly into place.  The mysteries presented are old school and haunting.  In addition, while it is PG-13, it doesn’t pull any punches in the dread and fear category.  Point blank, if you don’t like to watch children dying, do not watch this film.  It will break your heart.  But that’s why it all just works.  It’s gothic, dark, dreary, and revels in it.  It’s got jump scares galore, incredible suspense, and truly stomach-twisting, dreadful moments.  I can’t say enough good things about this movie.  Like I said, it just does everything right.  Bless your souls, Hammer Films.  I’ve enjoyed your movies for years in the past, and now look forward to each new release with the same flourish.  The Woman in Black deserves a view by everyone this Halloween.  I sincerely hope you heed this recommendation.


2 thoughts on “10/30/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #30 – The Woman in Black.

  1. I hate to say this, but I read the book before I saw this film and WHY OH WHY Did they not stick to the book’s story? It was really scary and in the vein of “The Others.” Very rarely do I get scared by a book, and this one did it. The changes in the film just were not any good. The ending in the book is horrifying and I was really hoping they’d keep that for the film, but alas, they “prettied” it up.

    Having said that, I LOVED Daniel Radcliffe in this film and want to see more of him in more movies. I imagine if I hadn’t read the book first, I probably would’ve liked the movie better. AND near the end, the ghost screaming and floating with her arms outstretched at Daniel…yeah. I about leaped off the couch at that, it scared me so bad.

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