If you’ve read me at all, you know I’m a HUGE Dario Argento fan.  Well, to clarify, I’m actually more of a pre-1990’s Dario Argento fan.  His later movies never quite worked as well for me, but his early giallo stuff through all of the 70’s and 80’s is downright amazing.  Hell, all his movies during this time could be on this list (and may very well be in the future.)  But it’s for this reason that I think I’ve always had a connection to Opera.  To me, this is one of his last great movies from those peak years.  Opera has everything that Dario Argento fans love.  It’s suspenseful, brutal, gory, has vivid colors, style in spades, metaphor’s a plenty, and of course some extremely disturbing sexual undertones.  In fact, the sexual aspects of this film actually created a major censorship battle with Argento himself, resulting in the extreme editing of the ending.  Regardless, this film is a doozy.  The basic premise is this:  when the lead of the opera is “accidentally” killed, the understudy takes her place.  Everything seems great, until a mysterious (well, not that mysterious) killer ties up the understudy, puts needles under her eyes, and forces her to watch as he kills her friends and loved ones.  It’s a masochist’s wet dream.  But it’s more about the style (and the twisted motivations) than it is anything.  Now, to be fair, you really can’t talk about Argento without acknowledging that the man makes mistakes in his films.  Sorry, purists, but he does.  Whether it be sub-par acting, bad dubbing, or occasionally even plotholes or logic issues.  But dammit, this is Argento, it’s his style that holds sway.  And this film has more of it than you can handle.  Now, again, beware, it’s not an easy film to watch.  Some truly hate it for some of its disturbing content, but I like disturbing, so I like this film.  It’s famous for the infamous “peephole scene.”  But personally, the knife/chin/mouth scene is my favorite.  I’ll try not to ruin it, but it’s glorious.  And 100% Argento.


2 thoughts on “10/29/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #29 – Opera.

  1. Nobody can’t really blame Argento for the plotholes and the bad acting. I’ve come to view it as a staple of the period and of the genres the italians worked in back then. Great write up, the gimmick of the movie is beautiful (how he keeps her eyes open).

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