10/28/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #28 – Children of the Corn.

Children of the Corn

Another in the, “saw as a child and scared the SHIT out of me” category.  Children of the Corn has everything a good horror movie needs.  First, it’s Stephen King.  So, duh.  The master of disturbing things gives us one of his best short stories.  Second, it’s set in a remote Nebraska town.  *shivers* Nebraska…  Third, it’s got corn.  Rows and rows of corn!  Have you ever been in a corn field when it’s at full height?  Honestly, it’s one of the scariest places on Earth.  I’ll tell you a quick personal story at the end of this post about that.  Fourth, it’s got a supernatural/demon/religious creature/thing called, “He Who Walks Behind the Rows.”  Come on, that’s just awesome.  And lastly, but most importantly, it’s got KILLER KIDS!  One of my favorite horror tropes.  But not only does Children of the Corn have killer kids, they have two of the BEST killer kids ever to grace the horror screen.  Malachai is downright terrifying, giving all redheads a bad name.  And Isaac is a kid that you just KNOW is terrifying in real life.  That kid is a force.  The story is basically about a remote town where all the kids have essentially joined a cult, killed their parents, and worship some entity that gives them guidance.  In their beliefs, all people over the age of 18 must be killed.  What’s interested about this is that this is very similar to the novel Logan’s Run, also where people at that age must die (the age was upped in the film version.)  But here it’s definitely done for horror and suspense.  It’s got a great buildup and a crazy ending.  All in all, Children of the Corn is a great ride.  Now, my personal corn story.  I grew up in Utah where we had impressive corn fields.  One time we ran a generator and a TV out into the middle of a massive corn field at night, and watched Children of the Corn in the middle of it.  I will tell you right here and now, still to this day it was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done.  If you ever get a chance, try it out.  Immersive movie watching is one of my favorite things, and you can’t get much more immersive than that.  Either way, even on your couch, Children of the Corn is a goodie.  Enjoy.




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