Yesterday I wrote about people that lived under the ground; today I’m going to build on that same idea.  Only the creatures of the title here are much more primal in their needs.  They just want to eat.  The Burrowers is pretty basic at its core.  It’s simply about something that lives under the ground killing people.  Sure, it’s a little bit Tremors, but where this little underappreciated gem works for me is in the world and tone.  See, The Burrowers is a western.  Yes, it’s a horror movie too, but first and foremost, it’s a real western.  The horror western is a tricky thing to pull off, mainly because the horror usually dominates and the western mainly seems like an afterthought.  But The Burrowers actually feels like a western, through and through.  That’s where this direct-to-DVD movie is WAY better than you think it’s going to be.  The scenery and cinematography in this film are absolutely stellar.  Not to paint all my fellow horror peeps with the same brush, but that’s not normally a point of focus for us.  The vast prairies and desolate wilderness seem so vivid that you’re definitely transported to this time period.  In addition, storywise, there is very much a cowboy vs Indian thing going on, as well as many other common western tropes.  It feels authentic, and that’s why the horror aspects seem to work so well.  It is violent, twisted, and VERY dark.  But to me, that’s what I imagine the old west was pretty much like.  Throw in some creative little creatures that pull you down under the ground, bury you, and then eat you, and well… you’ve got a nice horror world here.  Plus in the acting category, you’ve got Clancy Brown (one of my all time favorite actors) playing an awesome tracker, as well as a creepy and downright horrible Army Captain played by Doug Hutchison (more famously known as that older creepy guy married to the 30+ years younger, media-whore, Courtney Stodden), so that all adds to the fun.  Overall, if a horror western holds any interest to you, check out this criminally overlooked little creature feature.  It’s really a lot of fun.


One thought on “10/27/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #27 – The Burrowers.

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