When you first hear that Clive Barker and David Cronenberg are joining forces to work on a film together, the horror fan in all of us freaks out at the sheer notion of the complete insanity in store for us.  But then as you watch, you realize it’s not what you think. David Cronenberg wasn’t working in a behind the scenes creative role here, he’s in FRONT of the camera.  Cronenberg the actor??  Yep.  And what else is he playing, but a psychologist/masked serial killer!  Such a stroke of genius.  Although, that being said, let’s be honest.  Even Cronenberg as a serial killer isn’t where the focus of this film is.  The focus is with the creatures, mutants, and freaks of Midian.  Midian is a world under a cemetery where monsters exist, and it’s just gorgeous.  The design and makeup is top notch.  Nightbreed isn’t exactly what most people think it is.  It was mis-marketed BADLY (see poster above for an example.)  See, as much as this film is a horror flick, it’s mostly set in a world of fantasy.  This was a similar world Guillermo Del Toro more recently brought us to in the Hellboy movies, only Nightbreed is a lot darker, a LOT bloodier, and dammit, Clive Barker brought us here first.  Here, the monsters are the good guys.  And whenever you have a film that uses this POV, it’s going to be revered by the outcast and self-conscious freak in all of us.  Nightbreed is not a normal movie at all.  It’s a little disjointed, a little bizarre, and just feels… off.  But to me, that’s a good thing.  In fact, it’s Clive Barker through and through, who himself is extremely not normal (a compliment btw.)  This is why this movie tanked at the box office, thus killing its already planned sequels.  This explains the furrowed brow of an ending btw, keep that in mind.  But horror fans don’t care about box office.  They care about content.  And even though this movie was edited harshly by the studio, it’s still got enough amazing and incredible effects, gory situations, and twisted moments to justify a watch.  Although, I will say this, if you can get your hands on the very rare (and still officially unreleased) original director’s cut, you will be treated to an experience unlike anything else.  Still, even with it’s problems, Nightbreed holds up as a true original and fantastic twisted Clive Barker work.  Check it out.

One thought on “10/26/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #26 – Nightbreed.

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