Horror movies come in all shapes and sizes.  Most people usually affiliate them with ghosts, goblins, or demons.  But sometimes the horror in the film has nothing to do with the supernatural at all.  Sometimes it simply comes from the basic horrors that man can do.  I’ve heard people say that Borderland is not a traditional horror movie, and might be better fit in the “true crime” genre.  But to me, sometimes real life is far more terrifying than a spirit from beyond the grave.  Borderland is haunting. It’s (loosely) based on the true story of the human-sacrifice, torture-sex killings that occurred in Matamoros, Mexico in 1989 (and if this movie scares you, check out the actual documentary on the subject; it will chill you to your core.)  The movie starts off simple enough about a few kids going on spring break in Mexico, and well, as you might imagine it doesn’t end well.  One of them gets kidnapped by a Mexican border gang.  But you see, this isn’t a normal gang, this is a Mexican drug cartel/cult that believes in black magic and feels the need to sacrifice tourists to appease the dark spirits in order to allow their drugs to cross the border unharmed.  As insane as this all sounds, what makes it terrifying is that this cartel/cult 100% believes all of this.  So there is NO talking yourself out of this situation.  This is why this film feels so helpless at times, and truly makes you wonder how it will all pan out.  It’s gory, disturbing, and pretty hardcore at times.  But man, it’s really good.  WAY Better than you expect it to be.  As a bonus, I’ll add this.  Sean Astin, yep, the actor who played RUDY and SAMWISE GAMGEE, plays the American “heavy” that works for the cartel.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How can Sean Astin be scary?”  Well, watch.  Almost immediately you forget about his nice guy personas as he becomes a true threat, and an absolutely menacing force.  It’s a fun transition to watch.  So if you want something less in the fantastical category, and more in the “true crime” world, look no further.  It’s a goodie.


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