wrong turn

Wrong Turn is one of those movies that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, at all, but for some reason it just sticks. I mean, they’re on Wrong Turn 5 now. Say what you want, but whenever a film gets to part 5, they’re doing something right. Creepy, deformed, cannibalistic hillbillies are kind of like the lesser known mascot of the horror world. Everyone pays more attention to the zombies, but dammit, the creepy, deformed, cannibalistic hillbillies need some love too! And they’re going to get it, come hell or high water. The premise is one you’ve DEFINITELY heard before. Group of attractive young people drive through some remote mountains and their car goes kaput. Uh oh. Creepy, deformed, cannibalistic hillbillies are going to take you out. But with Wrong Turn, it’s not about premise, it’s about execution. Everything is executed juuuuust right. And yes, I’m definitely using the word “executed” in a cute way. Because the death scenes are spectacular.  They really are.  Especially the axe+mouth+tree death. That one is just… WOW.  But in addition to the macabre death scenes, are the hillbillies themselves. They are also just an in-your-face work of art. That’s what years and years of inbreeding does to you.  So for someone like me that’s obsessed with makeup and practical fx, this baby is a cornucopia of joy. It was produced by, and all the makeup was done by, the Stan Winston Studio, so you should expect nothing less than perfection in this department.  Throw in some good suspense, a really fantastic treetop chase sequence, and a seriously effed up cabin of death, and hey, it may not bring you into any new territory, but what it does is deliver one of the best “kids stranded in the woods” type of splatter gorefests there is out there. Don’t think about it. Just have fun with it. And you will. Enjoy.

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