Oh, Sinister… How I love thee… It’s rare that I can recommend a movie you can still see on the big screen, but lucky you, here’s one playing in theaters right now. It opened just last week, and trust me, this is one you want to see with the full cinema experience. Ideally, you want a crowd of screamers, squirmers, and people coated in downright, white-faced, dread. But that’ll be easy, because I guarantee that will be every single person in the audience. Sinister is, point blank, one of the most disturbing films I’ve seen in a long time. It’s just a twisted wonder of pure, solid, terror. If you like to be seriously freaked out to your core, do not wait… Buy your ticket and go see this movie. They don’t hit the theaters that often.  But I will say this. While some horror movies are able to cross a few quadrants and attract a wider audience, Sinister is NOT one of those films. This is most definitely a movie for the hardcore horror viewer. It doesn’t pussyfoot around. It doesn’t hold your hand. It’s just a goddamn punch to the soul. Sinister will make you feel like shit. It chews you up and spits you out. I’ll be honest, when I left the theater, I was exhausted… Both mentally and emotionally. I felt like complete garbage. But see, I’m a weirdo. I loooooove that feeling. I crave it. It means a horror movie did its job. Sinister most definitely DOES. ITS. JOB.  It terrifies.  When I read that exit audiences gave it a rather lackluster C+ Cinemascore, I actually completely understand why.  It puts you through the ringer so much that you almost feel internally altered. Most people don’t like to feel that way. But hardcore horror fans do.  If Cinemascore only asked these people exiting the theater, Sinister would get an A+++.  I promise you.  Now, you’ll notice I didn’t once mention anything specific about the movie here.  I did that on purpose.  I don’t want to ruin anything, because there are truly a few moments that will make your stomach drop out of your body.  No, I don’t want to cheat you.  I want you to feel the same way I did.  I want you to leave the theater feeling like you’ve been smashed under a large boot.  It’s impressive how a movie can make you feel this way.  But man oh man, for a horror nut, what an awesome sensation. Viva la dread, I always say. Kudos to all the filmmakers. I hope to someday work with you.  Because Sinister is truly a new modern horror classic.


2 thoughts on “10/18/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #18 – Sinister.

  1. I’ve been wanting to see this ever since I saw Matt Singer mentioning that this was written by a film critic. Surprisingly, the trailers made it look enough like a normal “spooky” movie (as opposed to hardcore horror) that my wife even wants to see it, so I think–while you’re right that something like “Inside” will be a tough sell due to premise–I might be able to get her to the theater before word get out and “trick” her so I can enjoy an actual “treat” in the theater.

    • It’s not as much the violence that’s so hardcore (although there are some really twisted scenes), as it is just the overall tone of utter desolation. But man oh man, take the wife and watch the blood drain from her face. It’ll be fun… for you. Ha.

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