10/17/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #17 – Birdemic: Shock and Terror.


Okay, so today’s post is a bit different. I’m definitely widening the scope of the word, “horror.” Yes, Birdemic: Shock and Terror is supposed to be a horror movie, so I’m still on point there. But mainly in this case “horror” means, “the absolute worst thing ever put on screen.” Birdemic is, by many people’s definitions, the single… worst… film… ever… made. I know those are strong words, especially when there are so many other candidates: Troll 2, The Room, Dreamcatcher… But for my money, Birdemic is pretty much impossible to top (it is currently listed as one of the all-time bottom 100 on IMDB, btw.)  Now, I literally could list 5,438 different reasons why, but I almost just want you to see for yourself. It’s honestly one of the most incredible things you’ll ever witness. Imagine you’re watching a 400 pound truck driver give birth to a Panda Bear with snakes for arms. If that makes you furrow your brow, then well, you’re 1% prepared for how unbelievable and horrifying this utterly awful movie truly is. There are some typical movie criticisms I could use like, baaaaaaaaaaaad acting, gaping (and I mean GAPING) plot holes, effects that look like they were literally taken off of a Windows 97 screen saver, and a storyline that makes less sense than a 6 year old’s nightmare after eating bad mushrooms. Now, I said there were movie criticisms I could use. I said could because using typical movie criticisms for something that obviously doesn’t even care about being an actual “movie” doesn’t really make sense. It’s that bad. Look, sometimes for Halloween, you get scared so much that occasionally you just want to laugh. Well, here’s your chance. Here, at first, you will laugh so hard it hurts. It’s honestly mind-boggling. But eventually, you will simply be horrified at what you just saw. It makes some low budget SyFy movies look like Citizen Cane. Ladies and gentleman, prepare yourself. I present to you… Birdemic: Shock and Terror. You’ve been warned.

Now, I wasn’t originally going to post this trailer, and just let you experience Birdemic on its own… BUT, if it gives any of you that final push to witness this amazing garbage, then it’s worth it.  Enjoy.


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