Session 9

Okay, so today’s movie is a little creeper from a decade or so ago that has stuck with me ever since I saw it. It’s not a flashy, high-energy, terrorfest by any means. What it is though, is a slow-paced, character drama that slowly gets under your skin, bit by bit. It’s moody, creepy, and made all the more icky by the fact that it uses one of the most notorious, historical locations in America. For anyone who’s familiar with, or even heard of, Danvers Mental Hospital in Massachusett’s, you probably know the stories, myths, and legends. Tales of patient abuse, experiments, death, and eventually hauntings, run rampant. Also, it’s said to be the place that “invented” the frontal lobotomy. So yeah, this asylum has a history for sure. Knowing this going in makes this movie that much creepier because you just KNOW the cast was freaked out themselves, let alone had “sightings” while filming. The plot revolves around a desperate asbestos cleaning crew that wins the gig to clean this place long after it’s been abandoned. As this small crew slowly explores and cleans this massive hospital, all sorts of disturbing things happen. Items are uncovered, tapes from sessions are listened to (including the notorious session 9), and legends are learned. Combine the past history of the hospital with the various histories of our crew and you’ve got a nice recipe for a great horror outcome. A bit vague and confusing at times, but that’s a good thing to me.  I like films you actually have to think about.  If you enjoy your creepers more about the characters and mood instead of the blood and gore, this is one movie that will stay with you for a long, long time. It’s also one that almost anyone can watch, including the non-violence prone.  So grab a non-horror friend, prep them with the story about the actual place they filmed this, and enjoy being scared right along side them.  Enjoy.


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