28 Days Later

This was another of those movies that I was lucky enough to catch at Sundance before there was any buzz about it at all. I knew it was directed by Danny Boyle and that was basically about it. Boy was I pleasantly surprised to find out it was a virus/infected/zombie movie, and a crazy one at that. What I love about Danny Boyle is that he constantly reinvents himself through a different genre with almost every film he does. Who could believe that the same director that did 28 Days Later, also did Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, The Beach, and even the family film, Millions? Danny Boyle is one of those guys that just basically does what he wants. And lucky for us, he wanted to do his spin on the zombie flick. This film has a ton going for it. Starting from the inventive use of its title, this film grips you from the get go and doesn’t let go.  The opening scenes in the seemingly abandoned downtown areas of London make you wonder how they actually did it (I was luckily at the Q&A afterward where he discussed that none of it was CGI, and they actually got permission to close entire main downtown streets in the wee hours of the morning, which is madness.) But in addition, once the infected are let loose, it’s the crazed fast zombie bit all over again. The aptly named Rage virus definitely makes its mark here, turning people into ravenous freaks in mere moments. It’s a suspenseful and crazy journey, all leading to a 3rd act that completely takes you by surprise by extremely switching directions. It’s here you realize that those uninfected are far worse than the zombies with the virus. It’s an inventive and striking chunk of the film.  Overall, it’s crazy, intense, and full of social commentary.  This is just a fantastic British little gem.

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