Lake Mungo

Since yesterday’s pick was such an over the top, fast-paced, gorefest, I decided to pick something a little more slow moving, creepy, and mood-based today. I know nowadays a lot of people can’t stand when a movie takes its time, but personally, I looooove a slow burn. Lake Mungo is absolutely that slow burn of a movie, but holy hell does it have an effect. Yes, it has a slower pace but it’s all for a reason – to create dread. It’s one of those movies that initially pulls you in with (what seems like) a subtle mystery, then before you know it, your skin is crawling. I love this movie. It starts simple enough. In Australia, a local girl drowns, and no one knows what happened. Her family wants answers, and as they dig deeper, secrets are unveiled both physically and eventually, supernaturally. Oh man, I literally just shivered as I wrote that last part. That’s what this film does to you. When you think back to it, it plays with your psyche. Not in a BOO kind of way, but more as a goosebump and anxiety kind of way. Now, I know that the fake documentary style of filmmaking has been done to death, but Lake Mungo is different. Instead of all “found footage” it’s done more like a news show. It features interviews, photographs (oh HELL, the photographs are downright chilling), and lastly… footage. I won’t ruin anything about the footage parts, but let’s just say that the image from the footage at the end of this film is still to this day one of the most haunting images I’ve ever seen. Lake Mungo feels almost like you’re watching an episode of 48 Hours about a local death, then about halfway through, you realize that this news story has slowly turned into a downright terrifying experience. I repeat, for those that want a more fast-paced extravaganza, this movie isn’t for you. But for those that can appreciate slow-burning dread, this is a truly fantastic journey.  Oh, and as a bonus, show this film to an unsuspecting friend and tell them it’s actually a documentary.  Trust me, it’s done so perfectly well, they’ll buy it.  Then, about halfway through, look at the color in their face.  I guarantee it’ll be stark white.


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