10/11/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #11 – Bay of Blood, aka Twitch of the Death Nerve.

Bay of Blood

Okay, it’s a third of the way into the month so I figure it’s as good a time as any to really start getting my horror geek on. I’m actually kind of ashamed that this is my third year doing these recommendations, and this is my first Mario Bava post. Dammit. But yes, today’s recommendation is one that usually only the true horror nerds know, and that’s a shame because of all the interesting history with this film. First of all, as cool of a name that Bay of Blood is, the alternate name is Twitch of the Death Nerve. Holy HELL, can we talk about this? I love that name! Why can’t they make movies with titles like that anymore??? Anyway, I digress… On to the history lesson. Bay of Blood/T.o.t.D.N., which came out in 1971, is thought of as the granddaddy of the modern day slasher film. It was definitely one of the first to introduce the unseen killer who offs victims brutally, one by one, in a whodunit type of format. In fact, if you read about the history of this film, you’ll see connections (and downright theft of scenes) to many of the 80’s slashers. It was a major influence to many of those movies, some more than others. Let’s just say Friday the 13th has a few things to explain. The premise here is great. A wealthy heiress is killed, leaving behind a large inheritance. The remaining suitors for the fortune fight (and kill) each other for the right to the money. In a way, it’s kind of like a slasher version of Clue. Throw in Bava’s trademark extreme violence, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a fun ride. Again, like most of the gems from Italy, you sometimes have to go out of your way to find the original uncut version. I know it’s a pain, but trust me, it’s ALWAYS worth it. You must see it exactly as my twisted Italian brothers intended it. If this is your first Mario Bava film, have fun with it. He’s a sick bastard, but a gifted one.


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