Pet Sematary

For a lot of you grammar Nazis out there, the misspelling in the title alone should be terrifying enough. But for the rest of you, how about Indian burial grounds, reanimated dead animals, and, oh yeah, scalpel-wielding devil children? Yes, again, one of horror’s most terrifying tropes is brought to absolutely chilling life in this movie – dead children. And in a movie that has a lot of haunting aspects, including that creepy ass demon cat, young Gage is one of the most awful little creatures ever. As a parent myself, the idea of losing your child in a horrific accident, like that which is portrayed here, is one of the single worst things imaginable. It almost makes you side with the father who would do anything to have his son back, including burying him in an Indian burial ground where the buried come back to life… ALMOST, I said. I mean, Fred Gwynne’s warning probably would have kept me away, but still. Ugh, then when Gage comes back, complete with that unreal sneer, and razor sharp scalpel, good lord, it’s just vile. I still say this has the best Achilles’ tendon cutting scene ever, and trust me, I’ve seen a lot. Also, in addition to Fred Gwynne, the cast here was top notch for the late 80’s. I worshipped Gwynne as a kid (Herman Munster!), but I have to admit I was watching a bunch of Star Trek: The Next Generation at the time as well, so seeing Tasha Yar also grew a geek smile. I still think this is one of Stephen King’s creepiest adaptations, and well worth a return visit. Dig in, friends.  Just remember, “Sometimes… dead is better.”


One thought on “10/10/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #10 – Pet Sematary.

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