10/8/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #8 – Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun of the Dead

Occasionally I give a recommendation that seems like such an obvious choice to me, but find out later that a whole slew of people have never even seen the film I mentioned. Shaun of the Dead falls into that category. I seem to think everyone has already seen this, then consistently find people that have never even heard of it! Thus, my mission today is to get all of you non-viewers to watch it this week. For me, telling people to watch this film is a complete no-brainer (pardon the pun.) An ideal combination of horror and comedy, this film is able to walk the line perfectly in a way that many can’t. Throw in that British sensibility and you’ve got a nice little package that pretty much everyone can enjoy, which is why I love to offer it up. Unless you were familiar with the British series, Spaced, for most people this was the introduction of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to the world. Since, both have enjoyed a nice pop in the world, especially Simon Pegg who has since done huge movies like Star Trek, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and a bunch of others. But you can see why they blew up in popularity, they’re just so damn likable. And that’s the core of why Shaun of the Dead works for me – the characters are so enjoyable that you can’t help but root for them, even when they occasionally come across as the loveable losers. People seem to forget (screenwriters mainly) that you can have the greatest concept in the world, but without characters that the audience can get behind, there’s no emotional connection to the film. Here, as silly as the concept may seem, you connect immediately with the characters, so everything else just works. Additionally, the thing about Shaun of the Dead that I quite enjoy is that while, yes, it is a comedy most of the time, when it’s time to bring on the horror, they don’t shy away. There are a few zombie scenes that actually deliver some decent gore, some for laughs, others for an actual more dramatic point (a specific scene at The Winchester comes to mind.) Anyway, just trust me, go check this one out. It’s just a purely fun film. You really can’t go wrong.


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