Okay, so here’s one for the kiddies, and the kiddie in all of us. Or is it? Oh, those loveable little Mogwai. So cute and cuddly. But man, you really don’t want to feed them after midnight, or else your cute fuzzy guys get all scaly and murderous (their internal clocks must know about time zones, but that’s another discussion.) Joe Dante made some of my favorite flicks back in the day. What I loved is how many times he found that perfect combo of childhood innocence, and twisted insanity. Insanity, you say? But it’s a kids movie! Oh, is it? Like I said at the beginning, is it really a kid’s movie? Let’s look at Gremlins a little closer, shall we? Kids are constantly being threatened with death. There are times when Gremlins are either chopped up in blenders, blown up in microwaves, or literally melted. Oh, and remember Phoebe Cates’ story about her father and why she hated Christmas? How her father disappeared one Christmas. Then weeks later they smelled something coming from the chimney, only to find him rotting, dressed in a Santa suit, trying to surprise them on Christmas, but instead broke his neck and died! That’s about as twisted as you can get, and yes, it’s supposedly in a kid’s movie. That’s why Joe Dante rules. He’s tweaks the kiddie norm and adds a super messed up level to it all. Throw in genre faves like Dick Miller and Corey Feldman, and you’ve got one hell of a childhood memory. Not to mention one of my favorite Christmas movies, as well as Halloween.  Now that you’ve read this, tell me you’re not singing that song in your head right now. Lalalala la la… Lalalala la la… La lala la la la laaaa….


One thought on “10/7/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #7 – Gremlins.

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