In honor of Eli Roth’s amazing horror palace, The Goretorium, freshly opening in Las Vegas, I have to pay my respect and put Hostel on this list. I know this is a movie that a lot of non-gore people love to bash (along with the Saw films), calling it “torture-porn” (a phrase I despise), but so be it. This movie is not made for them anyway. Go watch The Notebook. No worries of gore there. But for the rest of us looking for a thrill, this was the bee’s knees. A gore nut’s fantasy when it was released. It was way over the top for a wide release. This was the type of violence and gore that most of us had to rent from obscure video stores in order to see. And it was now being shown on a mass scale! Just fantastic. The genius of Hostel is how simple the basic concept is. Rich people from all over the world, who have everything they’ve ever wanted and are always looking for the next big thing, pay money to essentially torture and kill an anonymous person. It’s both completely over the top, and completely believable at the same time. Throw in an impoverished Eastern European country and the Russian mob, and you’ve got paydirt. Filled with insanely hot Euro babes that lure innocent young travelers to their ultimate demise, this movie has everything for the young, hormone-raging, teenage boy inside all of us. The movie is pretty well known. Most people know what they’re getting into. You’re either on board or you’re not. But dammit, I sure as hell was. And I still am. And I, like many others also appreciated the Takashi Miike cameo. Well played Eli Roth. Well played, indeed.


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