Ti West is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. Why? Because he focuses less on complex plotting, and more on mood and suspense. With Ti, it’s not as much about constant scares happening at all times, but rather about letting things simmer and build slowly, a dying art.  Because of this, some people in our A.D.D. culture have given negative reviews to some of Ti’s films, including this one. Hey, to all their own. But in my opinion, they’re completely missing the boat. Movies come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of ebbs and flows. Yes, The Innkeepers is a slow movie. But that’s a good thing. Much like he did with another of my favorites, The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers is all about suspense and buildup. It’s not about what’s happening, but rather about, what’s going to happen, if anything at all. To me, this style works in spades.  A tiny cast, mostly one location, and a very simple story keeps things streamlined and focused. We really grow with our characters and enjoy their company. Essentially the movie is about an old, supposedly haunted, hotel that’s closing, and the last two remaining employees working its final weekend. But like I said, it’s not really about story, it’s about mood. In this way, this film is sort of The Shining-“lite”. And trust me, that is a HUGE compliment coming from me since The Shining is one of my all time favorites. Now, I’m sorry Ti, I’m not saying you’re on par with Kubrick, not even close (I think you’d have to agree, I mean, it’s KUBRICK.) While he played in the pros, you’re still working your way through the minors. But man, I have to go out on a limb and say that I do think you’re playing on the same field.  And if you stay on this path, you’ll be drafted in the first round. I can’t wait to see what you do next.  Like I said, it’s a slow-moving film, which some may find boring.  But for those that like this kind of journey, the final buildup is absolutely haunting. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “10/3/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #3 – The Innkeepers.

  1. I am curious to watch this. I too loved the buildup in “House of the Devil,” but I didn’t really like how quickly it paid off. It felt abrupt. Still, Ti West’s style is something I really want to see more of.

  2. I became a big fan of Ti’s directing style after seeing “The House of the Devil”. Although I liked “The Innkeeper’s” I felt it could have been done differently when it came to the ghost scenes. I didn’t feel like I got a good enough dose of them. But all in all, Ti’s still up there on filmmakers to keep an eye out for.

    1. I see that. Trust me, I’ve discussed this movie at length with people and I can see all sides. But for me, it just worked. Although I can also see where the complaints come from.

      1. I found myself saying the same thing. Before the trailer I was skeptical. But with Campbell producing and Raimi contributing to the writing, I think we’re in for a well put together “remake”.

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