I Saw the Devil

Okay, so here is another of those amazing movies from South Korea that just blew me away. There must be something in the water over there because those guys definitely know how to do the revenge thriller to perfection (also see Oldboy, Lady Vengeance, and countless others…) Although of them all, I Saw the Devil enters into the horror territory more than the rest. Let’s see, there’s an insane serial killer (check), unbelievable violence and brutality of a level that we hardly put on screen over here in the west (check), and oh, a little cannibalism for good measure (checkmate.) Yeah, I’d say it enters the horror territory nicely. Know that when you start watching this movie, you are in for some EFFED up stuff. Without ruining anything, what I seriously loved about this film is that while you think you know the direction it’s going to head, you actually have no idea. What would normally make up a different movie’s entire plot, only makes up this movie’s first act. From there it takes you on a twisty, turny, ultimate cat & mouse ride between killer and victim. And during its course the line seems to completely blur. It’s fantastic. It has intensity unlike anything seen in a while and more brutal bludgeonings than any movie I think I’ve ever seen. Also, it’s on Streaming Netflix, so you have no excuse. So go watch it for free and be enlightened by our brothers from the East on how to do revenge right.


One thought on “10/2/12 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #2 – I Saw the Devil.

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