I’m Baaaaack!!!

Jack's Back

Look, I understand I’m not the most prolific blogger. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been insanely busy with multiple projects this year.  Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m doing most of my blogging for the Stan Winston School of the Creative Arts lately.  Or maybe it’s just because I’m a lazy bastard.  Whatever the reason, that all ends now.  It’s October, baby.  This is MY month.  I’m ready to howl.  Let’s do this.

As per typical, since my profession is in the horror universe, this is when I’m asked all the time for good scary movie recommendations.  It’s Halloween after all.  For horror freaks like me, it’s Mardi Gras x 1000.  But even for non-horror fans, this is when those that don’t usually even partake in the terror lifestyle decide to accept some fear into their lives.  This is exactly why two years ago I started doing my horror movie recommendations.  It was a place I could send people who were asking, plus it’s just fun for me to reminisce.  I love horror.  I worship horror.  It gives me more of a reason to write, talk, and just wistfully think about it.

Again, I’m going to post a different horror movie recommendation every day through the month of October.  Content-wise, they will be all over the place.  Some will be new, others old.  Some will be gorefests, others mood-based.  Some will be masterpieces, others will be pieces of shit.  Who cares?  They ALL have a special place in my world.  Hopefully I can help you find a few new gems for your own psyche to play around with on a sleepless night.

If you want a jumpstart, there are 62 choices for you to peruse already.  31 choices from 2010.  And 31 choices from 2011.  Here are the links to a quick list of those.  On each list, click on any specific movie’s name to read a brief write-up by yours truly.



Now that the re-introductions are out of the way, let’s get to business.  Let’s wade in this wonderful dark world together.

Now…  On to Day #1.


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