Today, on This Wonderful Friday the 13th, Let’s Make Jason Voorhees Proud.

Jason Masks

Ahh, Friday the 13th… blessed, blessed day.  We horror freaks are lucky that we usually get two of these wonderful holidays a year.  It’s a day that is full of unique and wonderful opportunities for freaks like me to enjoy with fervor.

A day where slaughtering a hobo is met with a smile instead of indifference.

A day where bathing in blood isn’t frowned upon, but rather appreciated.

Basically, it’s a day when the devil puts his feet up, because we take over for him.

It’s a delightful day aided and built up by one man.  A man that today, even makes hockey fans not initially think about hockey.  A man so synonymous with a certain day that he could rival Santa Claus for chancellor of that category.  I’m of course talking about Jason Voorhees.  God bless that man/thing/demon/ambulance driver.  Today, let’s make Jason happy.  How, you ask?  Well, here’s your challenge…

Today, on this special day, everyone simply accept some darkness into your life.  It doesn’t all have to be killing and maiming.  You can start soft and build.  Punch a stranger in the eye for no reason.  Ram a stick into a passing cyclist’s tire just because.  Kill a hobo (they’re not people anyway, everyone knows that.)  Regardless, do SOMETHING that would make Jason proud.

Jason will know.  Jason always knows.  And he will thank you.

And if you don’t…  He’ll know that too.

I’d keep him happy if I were you.

I’ll leave you now.  I have to go wash the hobo blood off my hands.  It’s making the keys on my keyboard stick.  But alas, a small price to pay for the sheer joy of blogging from atop the still steaming corpse of your latest hobo kill.

Just another Friday the 13th memory.  Jason will be pleased.

Damn, I love this day.

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