*Sniff, sniff* Farewell Sundance…

Well, all good things have to come to an end.  It’s at this moment that I bid adieu to you, Sundance.

As always, you had your ebbs and flows.  The first weekend was completely insane, almost Vegas-like in it’s franticness.  Streets are filled to the brim wearing fashions all over the board, most are definitely not suitable for 10 degree weather.  For the few people who want to watch a movie, the wait list lines can be up to four hours long.  The manufactured-solely-for-Sundance clubs hit capacity at 9pm, forcing everyone else, even if they’re on the list, to get frostbite waiting behind the asshole bouncers.  More liquor flows than an AA meeting who just found out that the world is ending tomorrow.  Oh, and yeah, there’s Paris Hilton.  Stupid Paris Hilton, why the HELL do you come up there?  You have no business there.  God, I hate you.  You epitomize the bits that I hate about the opening weekend of Sundance.

But after the first weekend when all the people who just came up to party go home, Sundance becomes… almost pleasant and cozy.  Tuesday-Thursday are a movie-goers paradise.  Wait lists and are simple and easy.  The box office has no line.  It’s like MY festival, and this is my absolutely favorite time.  I see on average four movies a day, and it’s bliss.  You can practically feel the ease in the air.

Then the final weekend is another party.  Nothing compared to the first weekend, but more of a party that’s a mix of locals who make it up only for the second weekend (because a lot of that “LA riffraff” is gone), and the filmmakers who are celebrating the culmination of their weeklong “dream.”  It’s got a different vibe than the first weekend.  It’s more fun, more non-posery, and quite awesome.

Regardless, Sundance for me is more about the movies than the parties.  I know, I love the parties too.  I celebrate my fair share, but dammit if I’m not a movie nerd at my core.  This week is my weeklong heaven to just immerse myself in an amazing films, and a hell of a lot of crazy midnight flicks.  MY kind of flicks.  And this year there was a lot of good to be had.  To all the filmmakers, I salute you, my friends.  Keep your independent shit, independent.  It’s what makes the festival amazing.

Thank you Sundance.  Thank you filmmakers.  That wraps up my 18th straight Sundance, and I look forward to my 19th.

Until next year, my friend.

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