Sundance 2012 Review: A Fierce Green Fire


So my film viewing is ramping up. Seeing 3-4 movies a day, shuttling around town to different venues, all while trying to squeeze in some food and sleep, doesn’t really provide too much time to write a longer review for everything. But I’m still going to try. Just don’t blame me if some are shorter than others, especially for ones that didn’t impact me as much as I’d like.

Sadly, A Fierce Green Fire didn’t impact me as much as I wanted it to. It isn’t that it’s not a good film. Because it is. It’s an extremely well researched, heavily informative film. It’s just that it felt more like a lengthy and dry history lesson than something with more passion and heart.

The subject of environmentalism and the various “green” movements are something very near and dear to my heart. I love the natural world and am very frustrated with the current “big-business” hijacking of all environmental laws. This is a ripe subject. But by starting way back at the beginning of the movements, and talking about how they all got started, he stumbled out of the starting blocks. This is something that may work in theory when structuring the film, hell, if I was doing the subject I’d probably do the same thing, but as you’re watching it, it’s just all very dry and dull. I would have chopped these earlier subjects in half. For me, it wasn’t until almost two hours later when it gets to the more current serious political/environmental connections and problems, thst this film really caught fire with me. To me, this is the most important. I know to know where we are, you have to know where we’ve been, but it jest felt like we were “where we’ve been” judg a little too long and without as much heart and passion. This should have been the entire subject more head on. It should have brought more passion to the mix instead of just reciting history.

All in all, it was well made, and will find fans. But for my liking, it lacked that certain passion to push it over the edge. It’ll find a nice home on History channel or something, but probably nothing larger.


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