2011 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #24: Year End Lists About Horrifying Things.


Here it is.  The final day of the Horror Advent Calendar.  The Climax.  The twist.  The ultimate reveal.

And guess what, not everything is as it seems.  I knew what I was doing here.  You’ve all played into my plan perfectly.  Don’t you see?  You were all my victims the entire time!  Bwahahaha!

I write horror films.  I study horror films.  I live and breathe everything horror.  So I know what’s horrifying.  And you know what’s truly horrifying?  Reliving horrifying things.  Of COURSE I basically used you for the last 24 days as part of my long strategy of making you trudge through horrifying scenarios, long best forgotten.  I made you experience horror during a month where horror normally takes a back seat.  Forget goodwill towards men, let’s make you think about how man is awful and evil!  BWAHAHA!  It’s my job to bring horror, and the most horrifying process of doing that is a horrifying list of horrors to make you absorb said horror!  Don’t you see!?  It’s so horrifically meta!

But it’s not just me.  All these year-end countdowns and lists are to blame.  They make you relive things you really wished and hoped you’d forgotten.  So while you read all these numerous year end lists, watch countless year end specials, remember they’re doing exactly what I set out to do — make you fully realize how horror can show its face throughout the year.

Thank you for being part of my experiment.  Thank you for being my victims.

And I hope you join me again next year… for the sequel.


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