2011 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #20: New Words Added in 2011.


As a writer who actually loves words, sometimes I get a little ornery when they release the Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionary’s list of added words for the year.  I’m pretty much the furthest thing in the world from pretentious–I write slasher films for God’s sake–but still this just makes me sad.  I solemnly shake my head at the notion that these are now real words.  They’re not slang, or street talk, but actual WORDS.  Sigh…  Instead of ranting, I’ll simply present a list of some of them and let you decide for yourself.

tweet (can’t I just stop here?)
retweet  (I really wish I would have stopped with tweet.)
bromance (seriously.)
cougar (and no, not as in the animal… as in a older lady who preys on young men.  Yep.  Real word now.  Sigh…)
woot (okay, I’m done with the comments now.  I’m just done.)
fist bump
helicopter parent
boomerang child

Okay, I’ll just stop there.  You can look up the rest if you want.  There was more than 150 added this year. Some make sense like “social media”, other just don’t.  I mean LOL and OMG are abbreviations!  They’re not even words!  But yep, these are REAL WORDS NOW.  Real.  Words.  Bromance…  real word.

I’m sure Shakespeare would have absolutely loved to use bromance and woot.  Just flows off the tongue.


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