2011 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #19: “Self” Santas.

Merry Christmas to Me


The continuing effort toward the complete and utter domination of selfishness continues.  Sure, you see it in politics all the time, and the workplace, and definitely wall street, and well, pretty much everywhere.  So why should it shock me that it’s now seeping into what is supposed to be the most selfLESS and giving time of the year?

Yep, I’m talking about another horrifying Christmas trend today which fits nicely into my advent calendar of horrors.  And one just really haunts me because of how blatant it is.  The trend of being a “Self Santa” has slowly been popping up lately.  I’ve seen the idea being advertised and bandied about on numerous different ad campaigns and weekly sale papers.  But I’ve also seen a whole bunch of different “news” stories about it, both on local news and network.  What the hell is going on?  Why are we proudly displaying such selfish attitudes and being happy and trite about it?  Well, I have a theory, and it is a horrific scenario.

You’ve heard me rant about the terrifying trend of popular selfish reality “stars” and shows that pride themselves on “ALL ABOUT ME” attitudes like The Kardashians and Jersey Shore, but think about it.  These types of scenarios are the outcome!  People love TV.  It guides them.  It sadly steers many people’s lives.  And this latest trend of “ME” shows are helping proliferate that being selfish and being all about me are just super cool!  If we celebrate these assholes who pride themselves on being selfish pricks, then we will all eventually become selfish pricks ourselves.  And if a nation of selfish pricks isn’t terrifying to you, then you deserve this trend to get more and more popular.  I hope no one ever does anything for you ever again, you selfish, selfish bastard.  “Self Santa.”  Good lord.

If this trend continues (and I really hope it doesn’t) pretty soon Santa’s notable, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” will be changed to “Me, Me, Me!

And I really hope it doesn’t.  C’mon America.  Nip this stupid trend in the bud.


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