2011 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #10: Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

What a bloated bag of foul hot air.  I chose an easy one for today’s horrific entry in the 2011 Horror Advent Calendar because it’s yet another December weekend, I was up at the crack ass of morning watching the lunar eclipse with a way too perky 3rd grader obsessed with astronomy, and this dirtbag vampire/zombie/werehair shouldn’t need much explanation.  S I’ll keep this brief.  Honestly, all you have to do is show his name and most people just roll their eyes and exhale anyway.

I know he’s been around for a while, but in 2011 he reached new heights.  His “presidential run” (aka ratings stunt for The Apprentice) was utterly pathetic enough, but his stance of questioning Obama’s birth was downright sad.  This man is a clown.  Not to mention, he’s a selfish prick only out for himself.  Hell, as awful as clowns are, at least they try to perform for others.  He just performs for himself.  And he’s WAY too happy about his performance.  A walking showcase of the greedy 1%, this man needs to just go away.  But he won’t.  Next up is his presidential “debate” that he’s mediating.  Really?  A presidential debate with Trump, by Trump, for Trump, about Trump, brought to you by Trump.  What a joke.

Yeah, I think I’ll stop there because quite simply I’m done thinking about him.  He’s just a horrific, horrific man with a fat target face I want to repeatedly punch for eternity.

In the media circus, he’s the lead clown.


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