2011 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #3: Death of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Okay, it’s the weekend and during December, the weekends are more packed then the weekdays, so this weekend, I’ll just be doing two very short picks for the 2011 Horror Advent Calendar.  Basically just a few sentences.

Today, my pick for one of the most horrifying scenarios of 2011 was the death of Steve Jobs.  Not to get too mushy gushy, but a true genius comes along only once or twice in a century.  And we lost ours at the young age of 56.  Of course he was a thinker, but the difference is Steve Jobs didn’t just think… he DID.  If Einstein lived today, I firmly believe they’d be colleagues at Apple.  There’s so many things to say about him, but you’ve heard it all.  I just wanted to hammer home that we honestly lost a vital part of our world this year.  Now that is terrifying.  Godspeed Steve.


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