I’m Back. This Time With a Horror Advent Calendar.

Okay, so I took November off.  Sue me.

But honestly, can you blame me?  October is such a freakishly packed month of everything horror, it should almost be mandatory for everyone in the horror business to take November off to recover.  In addition, lethargy also take hold because November holds another of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, the only holiday dedicated solely to gluttony.  Ahh, gotta love this nation of ours.  But until Eli Roth makes my dream movie version of his mock trailer, “Thanksgiving” from Grindhouse, November doesn’t hold much in the horror category (unless you count American Horror Story, which I LOVE, but that’s another post for another day.)

But on to December.  Yep, it’s December 1st.  As I was wondering what to make this month’s theme, there were a million ideas that popped into my head — everything from the 12 Days of Christmas Horror, to a coming up with eight bang-up ideas for a killer Hanukkah horror movie (one for each candle in the menorah.)  But as I was downstairs this morning and watched my two daughters voraciously rip into the first day of their advent calendar to find their little chocolate, a candle went off in my head.  I want to do my own advent calendar.

But this isn’t a normal advent calendar.

This is an advent calendar of what I consider some of the most terrifying and horrifying things/situations/moments of 2011.  So it’s kind of an end of the year countdown; it’s kind of a holiday horror treat; but mainly its just a way for me to bring up some great horror moments of 2011, as well as vent about other things I find horrifying (you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about today.)

So, now that this introduction is over, I better write my first post in my 2011 Horror Advent Calendar.  Enjoy.


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