10/31/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #31 – Halloween (1978).


Last year I fought against choosing the ultimate “no shit Sherlock” choice for a Halloween movie recommendation, but I can’t do it again. It is Halloween, October 31st. And John Carpenter’s Halloween is one of the best horror flicks ever made, bar none. It all fits like a glove and it needs to be placed on its rightful Halloween throne. To those few that have never seen this movie, I have to ask, “Seriously?” You’ve only heard about it pretty much every year since you were born. My young kids know about this movie. My 5 year old even knows who Michael Myers is. Hell, she’s even worn the mask! My point is that if you’re an adult and you haven’t seen this movie, you are an idiot. Sorry, but it needs to be said. You have no excuse. From the opening sequence, you know you’re in for a treat. I mean, there’s a twist you didn’t see coming in the first five minutes! Not to mention, reason #4239 why I’ve always known clowns are evil… But continuing on, this movie is just down and dirty. Similar to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this movie was made for almost zero money and is all the more visceral, intense and realistic because of it. There was no costume department so the cast just wore their own clothes. Even the iconic Michael Myers mask is nothing more than a William Shatner Star Trek mask that they spray painted and added more hair to. Seems silly now, but that mask is one of the most recognized in the entire horror universe and it’s nothing more than an altered Capt. Kirk! Michael Myers, or “the shape” as he was originally referred to since his name Michael Myers never actually appears in the first film, is one of the greatest horror creations to this day. He had no remorse. He had no relatable qualities. He was just simply put a relentless, soulless killer. Until Rob Zombie came along and with his remake (in my opinion) lessened the fear and legend of Michael by giving him an elaborate backstory, nothing was really known about him. That’s what’s so terrifying about him! It’s simple. It’s to the point. It’s a butcher knife to your gut while you’re pinned against the wall… while Michael just stares at you with that incredible slow head tilt. Jamie Lee Curtis became scream queen #1 after this for good reason. Donald Pleasance added the perfect amount of gravitas. And John Carpenter filled in every last blank, right down to one of the most memorable musical cues ever heard. Look, I’m sorry for calling those of you that hadn’t seen this movie an idiot. I am. Just do me a favor and see it soon, because if next Halloween rolls around and you still haven’t seen it, I’m really going to get mad. Like Michael Myers mad… You’ve been warned. Happy Halloween everyone.

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