Yesterday I talked about a perfect movie, so today I talk about, if it’s possible, an even MORE perfect movie. The absolute Jeff Dixon perfect film. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be reminded what perfection looks like. Everyone who knows me knows that Aliens is my all time favorite film. Let that sink in… For a person like me that absolutely worships movies, this is my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE FILM OF ALL TIME. Most of the time I don’t like to use rankings, but I’ll use it here. #1. Bar none. So you may be asking why it’s not my Oct 31st movie. Well, you’ll see why tomorrow (and no, I didn’t choose John Carpenter’s Halloween as my Oct 31st movie either. *GASP.) But back to Aliens. Aliens, Aliens, Aliens! Just saying it makes me so happy! I know it’s not exaaaactly a horror movie (the first Alien definitely fits that bill more appropriately), but still this baby is intense, suspenseful and unbelievably terrifying. You tell me a more suspenseful scene than when Ripley and Newt wake up alone and discover that a facehugger is somewhere in the room with them. Just amazing. Or what about the first time the soldiers walk in to find the villagers cocooned on the walls, and you just know the aliens are in there somewhere. Oh what about… oh hell, I could literally fill 30 pages of favorite scenes. I pretty much quote this movie on a daily basis. Whether it’s, “Game over, man! Game over!”; or “They mostly come out at night… mostly.”; or even “Not bad for a… human.” There is always a moment in my daily life where I can find a line that fits. Also again, if you look at the effects, you’ll see a common theme with me. There is NO CGI. They are all practical effects and models. Not to mention Stan Winston’s greatest creation – the queen. I’m telling you, it seriously doesn’t get any better. Plus, there’s the sequel factor. In my opinion, Aliens is that extremely rare example where the sequel is superior to the original. This movie almost single-handedly made me want to work in the film industry (along with a few other Sam Raimi flicks.) The acting is perfect (Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, Bishop, Newt, SO many iconic characters.) The story is perfect (including an, at the time, super surprising final 10 minutes.) Everything about this film is perfect. I could go on and on about it, but honestly I really can’t add anything more than that. Did you hear what I said? PERFECT. This is a perfect film. So go watch it again, and remember what perfection looks like. Bless you James Cameron for giving us this.

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