The Thing

So I’m down to my last three days of horror movie picks. I might as well pick three of my all time favorite movies. Ahh, The Thing. How can I narrow down what I want to say about this movie..? The Thing is a cinematic treasure that comes around once in a lifetime. To me, it’s perfect. It’s a perfect movie. There, I’m done with this article. Well, I guess I should write more, so I’ll keep going. When it comes to suspense, The Thing is a masterpiece. It scared the absolute shit out of me when I was a kid and still scares the absolute shit out of me to this day. It’s just amazing. The desolation of the snow and ice of Antarctica. The suspense of the “what is it” scenario? Then once the question turns from a “what” is it, to a “who” is it, the added suspense could be taught in film school classes for generations. Did I say that to me, The Thing is a perfect horror movie. I did? Okay, I’ll still keep going then. Not only does it have all the mystery and suspense a person could handle, but it also fills the gore and effects bucket with some of those interesting, original, and insane creatures you’ve ever seen. Rob Bottin became my hero after this movie. There really aren’t too many movies featuring severed heads that have lizard-like tongues and grow spider legs in movies nowadays. A shame really. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Of course the blood-testing scene is amongst the greatest scares in history, but I still can’t the defibrillator paddle scene out of my head either. “Clear!” *MUNCH! So amazing. Plus, don’t forget about Kurt Russell headlining a master cast (including a creepy Wilford Brimley sans mustache), and Ennio Morricone’s amazing music to round it all out. Look, I know most say Halloween is John Carpenter’s masterpiece, but I say it’s The Thing. Watch it. Worship it. Watch it again. The end. **Note, again, this was recently remade (sort of.) Even though it felt like a remake, it was in fact a prequel. Regardless, I actually enjoyed the remake, and it is a fun movie in its own right. BUT, the key to me was the CGI. The update used CGI, the original used practical effects. The original will win in that category every time. Sorry. Rob Bottin forever.

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