10/29/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #29 – House of Wax (1953).

House of Wax

If for even a MOMENT you thought I was talking about the Paris Hilton remake and not the Vincent Price masterpiece, I want to come through the computer and punch you in the face. There are actually three House of Wax films, but to me the consummate version is this Vincent Price baby. I love this movie so much. Look, I know many of you cannot even fathom watching a movie that was made before 1990, so reaching back to 1953 is not even close to being in your wheelhouse. But you’re going to have to trust me on this one. This flick is flat out awesome. Putting yourself in the shoes of a 1953 viewer, this movie must have scared the living bejesus out of people. I mean, when the wax starts to melt and you see the dead bodies underneath, 1953 patrons must have literally shit themselves and passed out. It’s intense. Plus, originally it was in 3D so think about that. Even though there is a lot to love here, let’s talk about the real reason to watch this movie. For those pure horror people like myself when you think horror icon, you think Vincent Price (or Christopher Lee, but for this article, we’re talking Vincent Price.) Vincent was the freakin’ best. This guy just oozes creepy awesome. And this was basically his first starring horror role. See him at possibly his best. This is why you should watch this. Give yourself a little film lesson, and hell, add some film street cred by saying you’ve actually seen a Vincent Price film (and no, Edward Scissorhands doesn’t count.) The guys down at the local video store will love that. But don’t forget that for some additional actor trivia, you can also see Charles Bronson in an early role as a creepy deaf mute. It’s pretty awesome. Look, this is one of those movies that I know most of you would never watch, so why not step outside of your comfort zone and watch a little horror history. I guarantee you’ll seriously be surprised by how much you will love it.

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