I’d consider myself a complete a-hole if I didn’t include The Exorcist on this list. I think it’s actually in the “scary movie list” bylaws. But for damn good reason. There isn’t a soul that watched this movie and wasn’t messed up by it in some way. It’s just scary as all hell (literally.) There are few movies out there that seem to be able to alter people’s psyche, but this is one of them. I consistently hear stories from people that say they saw this like 20 years ago and are still affected by it. Think about that power. One viewing, 20 years ago, and it STILL sticks with people. I dream of making a movie like that. But this movie really does have something for everyone. The subliminal flashes of the demon faces were what always got to me. But man, poor little Linda Blair. The things she went through: head rotations, majorly aggressive puking, some serious blasphemy, including some insane Jesus and God lines, and even a little, um, crucifix pleasuring… But man, my new favorite sequence has got to be the spider walking, which is only on the more recent director’s cut. Almost worth a check out for that scene alone. So bizarrely nuts and haunting, even if it isn’t a little misplaced within the film. Regardless what it is that you find scary or creepy, it’s all in there. This flick broke so many rules, and basically set the bar for all devil and possession movies that followed after it. I know most people have already seen it, but it’s Halloween, do yourself a favor and revisit it. Welcome the devil into your lives and relish the darkness (my pals in Utah will absolutely LOVE that last line, ha!) Now, just close your eyes and hear that amazing music. If you’re like me, you can’t help but smile. Then in 20 years you can tell someone how it still messes with your head.

3 thoughts on “FLASHBACK 2010 PICK – 10/28/10 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #28 – The Exorcist.

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