10/28/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #28 – Attack The Block.

Attack the Block

Okay, it’s Friday so let’s start this Halloween weekend off right with another movie hot off the presses (it just came out on DVD in the US a few days ago.) The next few days are all about pure, unadulterated FUN, so I chose a film that would launch things off right. If there was a more utterly entertaining and balls-out fun movie that came out this past year, I’d like to know. There is so much about Attack the Block that I could talk about, but the one thing that I keep coming back to is… FUN. I know it sounds simplistic, but to make a scary and thrilling movie that is just plain old “fun” is not an easy task. Yes, Halloween is about ghosts, ghouls, demons, psychopaths, and serial killers, but don’t forget about aliens! Aliens make some of the BEST monsters and in the case of Attack the Block, that tradition continues with a bang. First, take the setting and scenario. You’re not used to seeing the blokes from South London in the middle of an alien invasion. Usually it’s a bunch of bald toughies in a Guy Richie film, planning an elaborate heist. But here it’s a bunch of punk kids that decide to protect their turf from some outer space baddies. Next, let’s look at those baddies. The aliens are just fantastic. They are essentially the blackest of black with these nightmarish glowing teeth. For those film nerds like me, they actually used a rotoscope process to completely blacken the creatures, and the effect is fantastic. At first glance they look like normal gorilla-type animal things, but they’re off just enough to be definitely otherworldly. And the glowing teeth are amazing. It’s a simple and effective trick. Loved it. Lastly, let’s take the cast. These kids are amazing. Flat out amazing. Sure it may be a bit difficult to understand what they’re saying sometimes, but you get used to it believe it or not. Throw in great music, a dynamite small part by Nick Frost, and a whole bunch of other factors, and you have a fantastic coming out film by Joe Cornish. I for one, can’t wait for a sequel. Go have fun this weekend and see a film where you honestly can’t wipe the smile off your face.

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