FLASHBACK 2010 PICK – 10/27/10 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #27 – Fright Night (1985).

Fright Night

Here is another of those pivotal 80’s classics that helped model my youth. I loved everything about this movie when I was a kid, right down to being fascinated by the poster (to this day I have it hanging up in my office.) Tom Holland’s fun flick is another in my personal favorite style of horror blended with comedy. The basic premise is a horror standard – someone discovers something macabre and no one believes him. Here, it’s a kid obsessed with horror movies that discovers his neighbor is an actual vampire, and then of course, no one believes him. Enter the absolutely fantastic Roddy McDowell as a washed up actor, that now hosts late night horror movies (a’la Elvira) as his only confidant. He was always my absolute favorite part of this movie. It’s the 80’s, so not only do you get awesome clothes, older “hey, I remember him” actors, great cheesy music, but what you also get is some great practical effects work (no CGI because it wasn’t invented yet!) The effects were so fun in its day. Personal favorite was Amy’s tooth-filled “smiling face” that just was so amazing. Now I know that Evil Ed’s voice may be grating at times, but bear with it. Chris Sarandon’s soothing pipes more than makes up for it. He just rules. Hell, everyone in this movie does a great job.  It’s just entertaining and fun, the way movies should be. **NOTE: Yes, since I wrote this review in 2010, it has been remade. The remake is fine. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but is entertaining enough. But like most of these remakes, it just felt unnecessary in the first place because the original still stands high above it as the better of the two. Regardless, if you haven’t seen either of them, when thinking about which to choose, please choose this 80’s gem. It’s far superior.


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