10/26/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #26 – The Silence of the Lambs.

Silence of the Lambs

Yep, another no brainer, but a necessary one. Think back to 1991 if you can. Just when it seemed like it would never happen, here was the movie that finally combined the worlds of the serial killer horror film and the mainstream Academy Award winning darling. You thought the two worlds blended together like oil and water, but this genius little flick was able to do the impossible and marry the two. All it took was a pitch perfect screenplay, based on a best selling novel, incredible and top-of-its-class acting, masterful direction, and a million other perfectly lined up components. Easy right? No way, this was a unique, perfect storm that happens once in a lifetime. You might actually how brutal and terrifying Silence of the Lambs actually is because you initially think of it as a mainstream award winner. But remember, this is a movie that featured a man cutting off and wearing another man’s face, another one that is murdering women in order to sew together a human skin suit, a high-security psychopath wing featuring some of the most disturbing people alive, a jar with a human head in it, an “art piece” featuring a man split wide open and using his own skin as wings, I mean seriously… this flick is jacked up. And honestly, I know he’s pretty much taken on a life of his own, as well holds an eternal place in horror villain-dom, but how incredible was Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector? No one has resonated like that in ages. The super intelligent artist and chef who was both cannibalistic and completely psychopathic is still to this day one of the greatest horror creations ever. Do yourself a favor and re-watch this baby. Remember why it won Best Picture in 1992 in addition to holding a dear place in horror people’s bloody hearts everywhere.


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