Devil Rides Out

If you’re a classic horror fan, the name Hammer Films puts an immediate smile to your face. If there’s one thing I love, it’s horror movies from the 70’s (and late 60’s.) If there’s something I love even more, it’s the weird satanic movies of that same time period. Man, people were obsessed with the devil and his rituals throughout these years. The paranoia was just fascinating to watch. One of my absolute favorites, that I can pretty much guarantee very few have seen, is a classic Hammer horror film called, The Devil Rides Out. I just love this movie. It’s got all the classic components of a great devil flick. It’s got robes, rituals, chants, a villain with an evil name (in this case, “Macata”), and that beloved Hammer staple, Christopher Lee! But this one is highly unique because this is one of Christopher Lee’s only “good guy” roles in a Hammer Film. I know, it’s weird, but he’s awesome. And look, of course when you watch a movie from this time period, some of the effects don’t really match up to modern day standards (the giant spider scene laughably rules.) But don’t let that detract, this is a greatly entertaining devil film that holds up over 40 years after it was made. And as an additional bonus, Satan himself even shows up! A serious rarity in these types of films where he’s usually just hinted about. That right there is worth the price of a rental. As Satan’s movie-watching cheerleader, all I have to say is, “Goooooo SATAN!” Enjoy.


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