10/25/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION(S) #25 – From Dusk Till Dawn / Full Tilt Boogie. **Double Feature Day**

From Dusk Till Dawn Full Tilt Boogie

Another double feature day today, but this one’s a little different. From Dusk Till Dawn is the film. And Full Tilt Boogie is the documentary about the making of it. Trust me, you’ll appreciate both of these equally. First, let’s tackle From Dusk Till Dawn. This flick is in a category of its own and if you haven’t seen it, it’s not an easy one to explain. It’s one of those films I’ve talked about where it’s almost two completely different movies in one – the first half, and the second half. The first half is a hard, gangster flick about two bank robbing brothers who kidnap a family in order to get across the border. The second half is… well, COMPLETELY different and has to do with a strip club full of vampires. Yep, that old tale. The first thing you need to know is that Quentin Tarantino wrote the script and Robert Rodriguez directed. That should be enough right there. Rodriguez’ action is all on show, and Quentin’s dialogue fills your ears with happiness. If you enjoy Quentin’s quick-fire, over-the-top, and absolutely unique conversations, then this movie is right there for you. Hell, the completely un-P.C. opening dialogue with the sheriff had me rolling, but if that turned you off, then turn off the whole movie because it only gets worse. Another thing I want to talk about is the amazing cast. In addition to everyone else (Harvey Keitel, Salma Hayek, et al.), here’s the deal, this was George Clooney’s FIRST film role. He was a heartthrob on ER, could have taken anything Hollywood handed him for his coming out party, and this is what he chose. That’s how I knew Clooney was the real deal. Oh, and the gore. So wonderful. Bless you KNB. Anyway, I won’t say any more. By now you know whether you’re going to watch it or not. I suggest you do.

Now, I also wanted to quickly talk about Full Tilt Boogie. If you get the collector’s DVD, then Full Tilt Boogie is already included on the disc. If not, I’m pretty sure you can find it on its own. I highly suggest you watch this movie. In addition to an awesome behind the scenes look at all the inner workings of the amazing actors, FX teams, producers, crew, director, and everyone else, it also will teach you more about the pains, trials, and tribulations of working on an independent film than anything else out there. When I first saw this documentary, I was working on some student films in film school and holy shit could I relate. It opened my eyes so much that I told everyone I knew to watch it. Just trust me on this one, if you love behind the scenes documentaries about movies, or if you’re just a From Dusk Till Dawn fan and want to know more about the insane process of getting this film made, definitely view this. You’ll have a much higher respect for independent filmmakers and the shit they have to go through on a constant basis. It’s not an easy task to get a movie made, especially an independent one (trust me.) So dig in and have yourself a nice double feature today. You’ll thank me later.

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