Another no brainer.  Honestly, I can’t leave Scream out. I just can’t. It’s tempting to not include the powerhouses on the list because everyone’s already seen and heard of them, but Scream deserves a place on every horror list… ever. It is one of the best horror scripts ever written, period. It is clever, sharp, funny & scary (a tough mix) and almost single-handedly brought slasher horror back to the forefront. A key note for me is that every character is well-rounded and interesting. Trust me, that’s not an easy feat, especially since many slashers usually take the easier way out. And even though Deputy Dewey is the crowd favorite, for film school freaks like me, the character of Randy was our idol. This is another in the category of “see it again” films. I watched it for the 100th time recently and it holds up almost like the first viewing. Wes Craven really outdid himself and served up something new, all while paying homage to numerous slasher films we loved before it. That’s the key. He didn’t make fun of these films, he respected and gave nods and kudos to them. And boy does he know how to open a film… SO great. The sequels were all worth watching, if a bit uneven. But the original really is one of the best of our generation. Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’ll… be… right… back..!


One thought on “FLASHBACK 2010 PICK – 10/23/10 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #23 – Scream.

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