Takashi Miike is insane. Purely, flat out, insane. If you could look inside a serial killer’s brain and hit record, the images would basically be Miike’s films. Saying his movies are not for everyone is like saying Verne Troyer is sort of undersized –- needless to say, a drastic understatement. But to those of us who can appreciate this type of messed-up, psycho filth, Miike is high on a pedestal (Eli Roth even gave him a cameo in Hostel as a nod.) Even though he has done a ton of jacked up movies, the one that he seems to be mostly known for is Audition. I had to put it on here simply because it is so unbelievably haunting. I’m sure many of you have heard about some of the infamous scenes, and for you, I’m sorry. It’s never good when something so shocking is ruined. You should have been able to experience it like the rest of us. But to those of you who haven’t heard anything, I will say nothing else. Just watch this movie and go along for the ride. And just like a ride, you never know which direction it’s going to go. Hell, at first Audition is almost like a romantic comedy, but like a conductor turning a symphony on its ear, Miike knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s luring you into a complacent state, only to seriously screw with you later. Holy lord, this movie made me feel so icky, but it’s such an awesome icky. Just be prepared, it will haunt you. Enjoy.

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