Once again I tap into the reality-horror genre. But with [REC], never has it felt so utterly visceral. This movie is scary… really, seriously, effing scary. Here, we follow around with a reality TV show that is watching the day-to-day actions of the fire department. When they get a distress call from an apartment building we get to ride along with the action. Within minutes, the horror starts, then it doesn’t stop until the credits roll. It is pure and utter terror from start to finish. This film was remade in America by the name, Quarantine. While it’s actually a great remake, in most ways almost a shot for shot remake, but for my money it still isn’t quite as good as [REC]. One of the main reasons for me is that whenever a movie is remade in America, you lose a touch of the realism because you recognize actors from other projects. It pulls the curtain back a touch. When you watch the Spanish original, you don’t know who anyone is and you’re pulled into the scenario completely. This baby is down and dirty and awesome. It’s violent and shocking as all hell (when that body drops and splats on the floor, I literally jumped off the couch.) Plus, wait until the final 5 minutes. Good lord you’ll be biting your nails literally to the bone. Also, I should note, I wanted to put the sequel [REC]2 on here, but since it’s not actually on DVD yet, that wouldn’t do anyone any good. But trust me, once it gets released, [REC]2 is one of those rare movies that is almost better than the original. Together, they are simply amazing. Do yourself a favor and freak yourself out with these Spanish masterpieces.

4 thoughts on “FLASHBACK 2010 PICK – 10/20/10 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #20 – [REC].

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