The Fog

You know what’s awesome? Pirates. You know what’s even more awesome? Zombie ghost pirates! Oh man, The Fog. This movie scared the living shit out of me as a kid. It was John Carpenter in his prime, and nothing was better than John Carpenter in his prime (the 80s!) His theatrical follow-up to Halloween, this low budgeted baby was also filled with what made that pivotal film so great –- suspense. Plus in addition to working with Jamie Lee Curtis again, it also has Adrienne Barbeau! A scream queen dream team (say that 10 times fast.) The Fog was all about the creepy factor, and man did Carpenter make it work for him. Want to see minimalist creepy filmmaking at its best? Watch the opening of this film. It essentially only shows still-shots of the town at night, but even though somehow evokes an atmosphere that few can replicate. Pretty much the opposite of the A.D.D./Michael Bay style of 10 edits per second, this slow-paced, but deliberate little shocker creates something those movies just can’t -– mood. And that’s not easy to do. Love this movie. Btw, the remake took everything that was awesome about this movie and threw it away, thus creating a steaming pile of shit, so don’t give that one a second’s thought. But check this baby out. …Unless you don’t like zombie ghost pirates. And if that’s the case, you’re dead to me.


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